Should I Invest Money In My Home Before Selling?

October 29, 2020

Investing money in your home prior to listing & selling can be a good way to help it sell faster; Let's review the top features to update.

Here's Why You Should Invest In Your Home Prior to Listing it For Sale

Real Estate agents are frequently asked to evaluate what a home's market value is prior to the owner considering selling his or her property.  While the value is largely based on area sales, referred to as "comps" which are recent neighborhood & local area comparable sales. A houses square footage, overall condition and location can all help determine price.  A more important question sellers should ask is how quickly do you think my home will sell or how does it compare with other properties on the market. The condition of the real estate is an area the homeowner may actually have great control over.  There are a few updates or upgrades suggested to increase marketing appeal and get maximum attention once it is listed. 

Top Recommended Features To Update Prior to Selling Real Estate

HGTV experts suggest you start by making two lists — upgrades for your home value and upgrades just for you. Upgrades for your home may consist of replacing old faucets, permanent lighting and doors. Upgrades for you are furniture, artwork and window treatments. 

Small changes like updating electric plugs, replacing old light fixtures and painting neutral colors will cost very little. These subtle improvements have a overall effect.  Stick to one upgrade per week or month depending on the size of the project but have a realistic start and end date for each project you tackle individually.

Walk across the street and view your homes exterior, take a photo. Make a list of things that might improve your houses curb appeal for resale. Prioritize the list by items with lowest cost and greatest impact.