Food Plots vs Feeders: Which is Better on My Hunting Land?

December 10, 2020

Determining the Difference in Food Plots and Feeders can make a big difference on the deer your hunting property attracts.

Why Feeders Are A Better Choice on Deer Hunting Properties:

You must consider several factors which generally leads to a well established food plot.

Are Food Plots Better?

A well thought out food plot is a better situation for the deer and the future hunters. One landowner used recommendations from the local Arkansas Game & Fish game wardens to improve their property.  The game wardens strongly suggested food plots. The advantages of this set up was for year round habitat. Another major positive in food plots are the minerals that will lead to healthier and larger deer. For the hunter, it also means fewer trips to the food plot than would be if it was a feeder.

Are Feeders Considered Better?

Feeders have been linked to Chronic Wasting Disease that infects deer and other wildlife. Currently, Northeast Arkansas has CWD check stations in the area for testing. Another issue is the low nutritional value of the corn. Corn can provide some energy value but extraordinarily little in form for a healthier life.  However there are supplements in the feeders with nutritional pellets to maintain a healthy deer population.

In Conclusion of Food Plots versus Deer Feeders:

the 2019 Whitetail Deer Strategic Management Plan is heavily favoring land management with food plots. The benefits last longer than a short season from a feeder.