Discover the Wonder of Northeast and North-Central Arkansas

Explore Community, Natural Beauty, History & Culture in
the Ozarks, Upper Delta & Surrounding Areas

Northeast and north-central Arkansas are regions defined by a lot of small towns and close-knit communities. Agriculture is a big part of the economy, though the healthcare, manufacturing and retail industries are also well represented.

Arkansas’ official title as “The Natural State” is certainly fitting as well, given the expansive natural beauty of its wooded Ozark Mountains, deep lakes and rolling rivers. The state has a rich history that is celebrated and preserved at landmarks such as the Clover Bend Historical District, among others.

Here in Northern Arkansas, the historical resilience and ingenuity of Arkansans is evident, and in the modern era, the state continues to thrive and be a welcome destination for residents and visitors alike. Let’s take a closer look at the appeal of northeast and north-central Arkansas.

History Snapshot: Lawrence County, Arkansas

Within the northeastern Arkansas segment of the areas we serve, United Country Real Estate | Scenic Rivers Realty calls Lawrence County home. The county’s earliest inhabitants were the Native Osage, Quapaw and Caddo people. In the 18th century, the Imboden family (the namesake of the town in which our office is located) immigrated from Switzerland to the area. By 1883, a railroad track was laid, the town was plotted and by the following year, the town's first business building was erected.

Five years later, the community was prospering. Because of the outstanding services and integrity of the Imboden family, it was proposed that the town should be named after them. On the western edge of Lawrence County, there is an old water wheel mill known as Morgan's Mill located on Martin's Creek. In 1864, the Union and Confederate forces engaged in a 12-mile battle, which ranged from old Morgan's Mill on the Spring River up and across Martin's Creek, a spot still remembered today.

To visit a well-preserved 19th century village in the area, check out Powhatan Historic State Park Village. Engage in the educational programs and wander through historic buildings such as the old jail, church and school. The village is a testament to Arkansas’ rich heritage and provides an informative and entertaining day for the whole family, and for those interested in the state’s history and architecture.

The Natural State: Embrace Beauty & Outdoor Recreation
in the Arkansas Ozarks, Upper Delta & Beyond

Anyone who has been to Arkansas can certainly tell you why the state is known as “The Natural State.” After all, it is filled with the natural splendor of rolling hills, mountains, rivers, lakes and other features that provide a stunning backdrop for outdoor recreation. From the Ozarks to the Upper Delta and beyond … there’s a lot to enjoy here in northeast and north-central Arkansas.

In Imboden, Ark., and elsewhere here in Lawrence County there’s a wide range of activities from leisurely hikes to high-intensity water sports and other fun. In Powhatan, Lake Charles State Park offers outdoor enthusiasts picturesque campgrounds and the 645-acre lake is stocked with catfish, bass, crappie and more, promising a peaceful escape.

North of Pocahontas in Randolph County, the Eleven Point River beginning in the rolling hills of southern Missouri later flows into the area, presenting opportunities for fishing, canoeing and camping. Its crystal-clear, spring-fed waters are perfect for float trips as you wind through the untouched Ozark terrain. Close to Hardy and Highland in Sharp County, the Harold E. Alexander Spring River WMA is ideal for hunters pursuing big bucks, bear, turkey and small game.

Over in Fulton County, Mammoth Spring State Park is a National Natural Landmark with one of the largest springs in the world! It has created an area lake, as well as the renowned Spring River, famous for its trout. Interesting historical structures are on site as well, along with park sports facilities.

Located one county southeast of Lawrence, Craighead Forest Park, set against the backdrop of Jonesboro, presents miles of trails for hiking and biking, complemented by playgrounds and picnic areas ideal for family outings. From there, head up to the far northeast corner of Arkansas in Clay County for some great spots along the Black River. It weaves through picturesque landscape against several popular recreational areas, where you’ll find duck hunters, anglers and wildlife enthusiasts passing the time.

More to Discover in Northeast and North-Central Arkansas:
Historical Downtowns, Music, Art, Events & More

All that amazing natural beauty may be the initial draw for residents and tourists alike in Arkansas, but there’s definitely no shortage of other attractions to enjoy and things to do in the state’s northern regions. From historical downtown districts to music and theatre, art, local events and more … there’s something for all tastes.

Here's a quick overview of some sites and activities you may want to check out across a handful of counties in the northeast and north-central parts of the state:

Lawrence County — Set in the Walnut Ridge Army Airfield, the Wings of Honor Museum is a treasure trove for military history enthusiasts. The Walnut Ridge Depot, restored to its original glory, captures the town’s railway history. Imboden is the home of the annual Lawrence County Fair and PRCA Rodeo each August. And be sure to check out one of the more unique attractions in the county with the Guitar Walk at Cavenaugh Park. It pays tribute to some of the earliest Rock ‘n’ Roll artists in America.

Randolph County — The county features an engaging mix of historic and cultural sites, unique shopping and more. Downtown Pocahontas on the Square is popular for various gatherings, including November Fest with music, food, and fun for the kids. The early December Christmas Parade each year is also a lot of fun. The Downtown Playhouse promises the “Coolest Casual Night in Town.” A great way to explore the county is via its comprehensive activity guide.

Sharp County — This county features the popular resort-retirement community of Cherokee Village, known for amazing outdoor adventures. But don’t miss a tour of Hardy’s Historic District, where time seems to have stood still since the early 1800s. The town is also known for its music and regular festivals, including the annual Spring River’s Got Talent musical competition. The hit show “Evening Shade” from the 1990s is also set in the Sharp County town of the same name.

Fulton County — Local events in this county, as in others in Arkansas, are always a hit. In Salem, you can expect the annual Fulton County Fair each July. Leading up to that in May, there’s the Fulton County Homecoming Festival with its street market, food trucks, fun competitions and a parade … happening over three days. The Old Soldiers Reunion event in Mammoth Spring is also well attended and runs for a week. While in Mammoth Spring at any time, catch the eclectic shops and restaurants in the area. If you’re into golf, Horseshoe Bend has some nice courses, including one at Cedar Glade Resort and another, Turkey Mountain Golf Course.